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Ganesh Rudraksha Silver Pendant – Necklace


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For: Success andtoOvercome Obstacles

Ruling Deity: Ganesha- The God of Success and New Beginnings

Recommended for: Anyone who feels stuck and confused in life and is experiencing a lot of challenges. It is highly auspicious to wear a Ganesh mukhiwhen starting a new chapter in one’s life, i.e. marriage, new career/project, travel etc.


  • This rare, sacred bead has a raised ‘trunk’, emblematic of the beloved elephant-headed God, connecting the wearer directly to Ganesh’s protective and benevolent energy
  • It is through his blessings that doors open for you that otherwise may remain closed or unknown
  • Ganesh mukhi gives abundance and power
  • Helps in overcoming all obstacles along your path, leading to success and fulfilment

Additional information

Weight 25-30 g
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 mm


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