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Pure Sphatik Brass Shivling-(225 ct / 40 – 45 gram)


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Sphatik Brass Shivling has divine power. In Puranas Sphatik is the divine stone which represents the Trimurti (Lords Shiva; Vishnu and Brahma) and goddess Shakti. Touching Sphatik lingam in the early morning will bring positive effects for the whole day. Worshiping Sphatik Lingam will give confidence, power, perfection and will remove all sorts of worries. It also brings wealth and prosperity. Sphatik Shivaling gives tremendous concentration and is better for students, businessmen and people who need to achieve goals. The ‘Argha’ is made of brass of the finest quality. Since brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc and in spirituality, copper is the metal of Venus. Thus brass to an extent shares the spiritual or cosmic qualities of copper that are associated with charisma, beauty, artistic creativity, and harmony. This Sphatik Brass Shivling is perfect for peace, prosperity and overall success of a person.

Additional information

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 100 × 115 × 65 mm


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