About Us

Since times immemorable, holy men, women and enlightened sages of India have adorned sacred beads. These natural power objects, found in nature and prescribed by renowned spiritual masters, direct a pathway to the divine itself by awakening Shakti i.e. one’s inherent spiritual power.

Located in the heart of the spiritual capital of India- Varanasi or Kāshi or Banāras, we pioneer the new era of spiritually inspiring jewellery that’s sweeping all across, both nationally and internationally, especially in wake of the current lifestyle which is hectic, stressful and brews with chaos. At Shivaloka Banaras, we strive towards successfully combining authentic old spirituality with exquisite contemporary aesthetics.

The Rudraksha, India’s ancient holy power bead, lies at the centre of Shivaloka Banaras’s range of spiritually charged jewellery. Our stunning, handcrafted designs feature authentic rudraksha of the highest grade, which are scrupulously sorted and diligently selected for each jewellery pieces. It is then combined with the finest precious and semi-precious healing stones, sterling silver, consecrated silk dori/threads and the holy ashes from the temple of the divine Shree Kashi Vishwanath.

Our Goal

At Shivaloka Banaras, we are passionate about providing high-quality Rudraksha beads to our customers. We believe that Rudraksha beads can help people connect with their spiritual selves and achieve greater levels of peace, happiness, and well-being.

We are committed to offering authentic and energized Rudraksha beads that have been sourced from trusted suppliers. We also offer a range of resources and information on our website to help you learn more about the spiritual benefits of Rudraksha beads.