1 Mukhi Rudraksha


For: Transformation and Power

Ruling Deity: Mahadeva- The highest form of God Consciousness

Ruling Planet: Sun

Highly recommended for all those who seek spiritual fulfillment, the 1 Mukhi rudraksha is said to change and heal your karma quickly and profoundly. Considered the sacred symbol of Shiva, this rare and precious sacred bead protects you against all forms of negativity.

It guides and manifests your deepest longings and resonates with peace, wisdom, and abundance. Its power increases the power of your will, hence is also recommended for people looking forward to overcoming habits like smoking, drinking, drug abuse, etc.

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2 Mukhi Rudraksha


For: Unity and Harmony

Ruling Deity: Shiva and Shakti- The Divine Union of Masculine and Feminine

Ruling Planet: Moon

2 Mukhi rudraksha is highly recommended for people who seek love, harmony, unity, healing, and happiness in relationships. It balances relationship dynamics- be it guru-shishya, parents-children, or husband-wife. It helps in nurturing mutual support and positive alignment of desires between all relationships of the wearer.

The 2 Mukhirudraksha increases the power of forgiveness and enhances the ability to give more fully and openly and thus helps in maintaining ‘oneness’ in relationships. Wearing a 2 Mukhi also helps in building emotional stability, security, and fearlessness, and gives inner happiness and fulfillment.

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3 Mukhi Rudraksha


For: Health andSoulPurity

Ruling Deity: Agni- The Lord of Fire

Ruling Planet: Mars

Recommended for people who feel blocked by self-doubt, unworthiness, anxiety, stress, guilt, and fear of the unknown; wearing a 3 Mukhi rudraksha increases the purity of one’s intentions and strengthens willpower.

It confers freedom from the bondage of past karmas and paves way for success based on your karma of present life. A 3 Mukhi restores health, the flexibility of spirit, and divine confidence- leading to an illuminated pure self.

It opens your heart and mind to greater wisdom by revealing your life purpose more clearly.

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4 Mukhi Rudraksha


For: Knowledge and Creativity

Ruling Deity: Brahma- The Creator of the Universe and the God of Knowledge

Ruling Planet: Mercury

4 Mukhi rudraksha is highly recommended for academicians, students, scientists, researchers, artists, writers, and people who have learning difficulties. 4 Mukhi rudraksha enhances the power of your concentration and focuses by manifolds.

It empowers you with greater insight, creative intelligence, and eloquence. It helps in awakening and enhancing artistic abilities, and improves attentiveness and retention of information.

It also helps in formulating and executing plans in order to attain your vision.

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5 Mukhi Rudraksha Varanasi


For: Peace and Wellbeing

Ruling Deity: RudraKalangi- The Primordial Form of Shiva

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

5 Mukhi is a popular rudraksha bead recommended for all who seek blessings for themselves and others. It helps in overcoming all negative thoughts and restores peace of mind, general health, and well-being.

It increases your vitality, longevity, and calm in disturbing situations of negativity and stress. The rudraksha bead is said to bring balance and enhances receptivity to wisdom.

It confers you to the ability to act quickly and surely when you are faced with challenges and obstacles.

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6 Mukhi Rudraksha


For: Attraction and Influence

Ruling Deity: Kartikeya- The Commander of Gods

Ruling Planet: Venus

Anyone in positions of responsibility – teachers, leaders, institutional heads, celebrities are recommended to wear a 6 Mukhi which, confers you with charisma, a commanding presence, and the power to influence others more positively.

It helps remove jealousy, anger, stage fright, mental lethargies, and emotional instability. This particular rudraksha bead restores confidence and instills extreme poise.

It is also highly effective in balancing masculine energy and is known to increase male potency.

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7 Mukhi Rudraksha


For: Prosperity and Abundance

Ruling Deity: Mahalaxmi- Divine Form of Wealth, Love, and Beauty

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Strongly recommended for people struggling with money, career issues, and seeking breakthrough opportunities; the 7 Mukhi rudraksha attracts fame, wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

It helps in overcoming financial worries and struggles, protecting from reversals of fortune.

It confers greater personal authority, generosity, and insight to the wearer. And is also said to help you in attaining wisdom to navigate your path to greater success.

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8 Mukhi Rudraksha


For: Good Luck

Ruling Deity: Ganesha- The God of Success and New Beginnings

Ruling Planet: Rahu

8 Mukhi rudraksha is recommended for people who feel unlucky, anxious, or set upon by unknown forces. This particular bead confers the ability to overcome all obstacles and attain fulfillment.

It handles the discord of others and mitigates your own resistance to success.

It helps to create a smoother, uninterrupted flow of progress. And, results in greater accomplishment in all your true endeavors.

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9 Mukhi Rudraksha


For: Overcoming Fear

Ruling Deity: NavDurga- The Dispellersof Fear and Evil

Ruling Planet: Ketu

The powerful 9 Mukhirudraksha is highly recommended for those who are beginners in meditation, spiritual practitioners, and devotees of the Divine Mother.

It inspires infinite courage and the ability to masterfully handle negativity. It neutralizes bad habits and opens the heart chakra to divine knowledge and wisdom.

It provides powerful protection circles against outward attacks, injustice, and cruelty. It is said to give the bearer both Bhoga, i.e. worldly comforts and desires as well as Moksha, i.e. the ultimate liberation!

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10 Mukhi Rudraksha


For: Freedom from Defeat

Ruling Deity: Sudarshana- Mastery over Maya

Ruling Planet: None

Anyone dealing with high negativity and illusions is suggested to adorn a 10 Mukhirudraksha. A divine shield against negativity, the mighty 10 Mukhi rudraksha removes doubts, fear, and confusion.

It reveals the truth at the heart of any situation, helps in overcoming chronic lack of success, and protects from the unknown manipulations of others.

This power-packed rudraksha bead represents Gods of all ten directions whose blessings are showered on the wearer. It is also said to guard against all sorts of black magic and evil spirits.

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11 Mukhi Rudraksha


For: Living Your Highest Path

Ruling Deity: Hanuman- The Power to be Adventurous and Exceptional

Ruling Planet: None

Highly recommended for all those who are seeking to know and live their true purpose in life; the 11 Mukhigives the wisdom to know and live your true life purpose.

It inspires spontaneous and righteous actions. It endows you with the inner strength to face and conquer whatever challenges that may come your way.

The 11 Mukhirudraksha greatly amplifies and channels your true spiritual power and inspires greatness.

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12 Mukhi Rudraksha


For: Leadership and Self-Illumination

Ruling Deity: Lord Surya- The Light of Life

Ruling Planet: None

The 12 Mukhi Rudraksha is strongly recommended for administrators, leaders, CEOs, and anyone seeking to increase their influence and self-confidence. It enhances personal charisma and fortitude.

And, brings out radiance, brilliance, strength, and power to rule- the virtues of Lord Surya. This Rudraksha bead helps you in attaining greater influence on society.

It purifies the inner mental-emotional blocks that might hinder a deeper understanding of your highest truth. It is said to amplify personal integrity, uprightness, and honor.

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13 mukhi Rudraksha


For: Love, Fulfilment, Truth and Comforts

Ruling Deity: Kamadeva- The Lord of Love and Sensuality

Ruling Planet: Venus

The 13 Mukhi is recommended for all those who actively engage in the worldly leisures yet, are devoted towards the pursuit of the Divine. This majestic rudraksha bead helps in attaining a true balance between your spiritual and materialistic aspirations.

IT Endows riches and honor, as well as opens channels to tremendous spiritual power. It strengthens your heart, heals heartbreak, and invigorates and attracts romance. It is said to raise Kundalini energy and awakens many siddhis.

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14 mukhi Rudraksha


For: Liberation and Spiritual Mastery

Ruling Deity: ShivaShaneshwara- The God of Moksha (Enlightenment)

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Anyone seeking spiritual mastery and those under the affliction of SadheSaati (Saturn Return) are recommended the potent 14 Mukhi rudraksha. It inspires one-pointed focus, providing an immovable sense of peace and calm.

It removes blocks and internal resistance hindering deeper spiritual experiences. And, opens your Third Eye- awakening the knowledge of the past, present, and future. It thus helps in revealing your divine channels.

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ganesh mukhi Rudraksha


For: Success and Overcome Obstacles

Ruling Deity: Ganesha- The God of Success and New Beginnings

Ganesh Mukhi is recommended for anyone who feels stuck and confused in life and is experiencing a lot of challenges, It is highly auspicious to wear a Ganesh Mukhiwhen starting a new chapter in one’s life, i.e. marriage, a new career/project, travel, etc.

This rare, sacred bead has a raised ‘trunk’, emblematic of the beloved elephant-headed God, connecting the wearer directly to Ganesh’s protective and benevolent energy.

It is through his blessings that doors open for you that otherwise may remain closed or unknown. Ganesh Mukhi gives abundance and power. And, helps in overcoming all obstacles along your path, leading to success and fulfillment

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Guari Shankar mukhi Rudraksha


For: Soulmate Relationship

Ruling Deity: ShivaShakti- The Union of Two Equal Soul Parts

Gauri Shankar is an alluring rudraksha bead that is strongly recommended for newlyweds, lovers, and anyone wishing to attract and stay in a true soulful relationship. It improves and heals troubled marriages, relationships, and partnerships.

It bestows great happiness and strengthens the bond between lovers. For single people, it helps to attract a soul match. This particular bead brings balance to your life by mitigating obsessive, addictive behavior.

It is strongly believed to bless men with great stamina and vitality and women with fertility and smoother menstrual cycles.

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