Only after a certain holy object has been fully energized and activated, can the perfect connection be accomplished between an individual soul and the spiritual power of that object. Energizing Rudraksha mala/beads or other meditation jewellery is thus considered a karmic process that enhances the object’s reverberations and establishes a divine relationship between the user and the sacred object. It is considered that only after this process, you’d be able to fully draw in its serenity, power, and protection.

Similarly, all spiritual Jewelleries, especially rudraksha, are energized before they are worn by the user. There are detailed rituals that are followed to empower rudraksha which has been elaborated by sages and the proceedings are usually performed by a Guru or a priest. However, you could also follow a much easier and equally effective ritual and can perform the karmic proceedings on your own and ascertain that the holy bead/mala is in sync with your intentions and energy.

Foremost, it is essential to understand that nothing is more crucial than the strength of your own energy that you are going to put forth. The more closely you are rooted in your belief towards the holy bead/mala, the deepest you shall manifest your desires. With this belief, once you have set your intentions with clarity, you can proceed with the following steps to energize the holy bead/mala:

  • Once you have chosen the right bead/mala for yourself, soak it in ghee for 12 hours followed by another 12 hours of soaking in a bowl of cow milk. If you notice slight change in the colour of the rudraksha bead(s), please don’t be alarmed. Rudraksha is a natural bead and slight colour change after long hours of soaking is perfectly normal.

  • You would need some white flowers and Gangajal or holy water for the next day, preferably Monday. Since, Monday is considered to be Lord Shiva’s day, it would be auspicious to perform the karmic ritual on this day.

  • Sit comfortably in the place where you offer your daily prayers. Light up some incense, close your eyes, relax, focus on your breath and visualize your intentions.

  • Now slowly open your eyes, offer the white flowers on Lord Shiva’s picture/ Shivalingam/ Shivapariwar and sprinkle some Gangajal/holy water on the rudraksha.

  • Place the rudraksha on the feet of Lord Shiva’s picture/ Shivalingam/ Shivapariwar, close your eyes again and slowly chant the simple Shiva mantra: Om Namah Shivaya, 11 times or at least three times.

  • Slowly open your eyes and bring the holy bead/mala to your heart and to the centre of your forehead, in gratitude.

  • Bow to the universe in thankfulness and chant : Om shanti, shanti, shanti.

Your rudraksha is now blessed, energized and activated. It can be worn on body or placed at any holy corner of your house.