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Parad Shivling 65 Grams.


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Parad Shivling when worshipped with proper procedure, belief, and enthusiasm helps human beings physically, spiritually, and psychologically. It also protects people from natural calamities, disaster, external evil effects. Some of the references in the ancient texts of Ayurveda and mythological origins justifiy these belief. It is stated and believed in various texts that if a mercury Shivling is placed and worshipped in a house, society, or a temple, it leads to prosperity, positive strength, and also considered that goddess Lakshmi resides at that place for generations to generation. Also a person is relieved of physical ,spiritual and psychological disorders. Mercury Shivling can be obtained only through the blessings of renowned yogi ,guru, good fortune, because of which a person is able to perform noble deeds and thereby attains moksha. This Parad Shivling is made of 8 Sanskar performed Mercury as described in Ras Sastra Text Books like Ras Tirangini, Ras Ratan Samuchchaya, Rasender Sar sangrah, etc. Sanskars are the eight purification stages of Mercury. By doing them Mercury becomes divine and free from ‘Three doshas’ – 1.Vish dosha 2.Mal dosha 3.Agni dosha.

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Weight 65 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 mm


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