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Sphatik Shri Yantra 40-45 Grams.


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The Shri Yantras are impeccably designed and crafted as per ancient scriptures after deep study and activated with mantras to provide quick results. These Yantras are powerful due to additional benefits of natural Sphatik. Shri Yantra bestows all-round success, protection and prosperity. Sphatik enhances the power of mantras and brings harmony, divine grace and dispels negative energies. Shri Yantra is considered to be dear to Goddess Lakshmi. Sphatik Shri Yantra acts as a conductor of energy and blesses the individuals with wealth, name, peace and harmony.The Shri Yantra helps us break through the negative energy that affects our success and attain clarity in thought and action.The Shriyantra is handcrafted to retain its maximum spiritual power.


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